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Tuesday, 5 December 2017


            The sky was grey. The land was grey. I was there. Sitting on the bench. Waiting for him. Why was the sky grey? The weather forecast said, it would be sunny today. Or, it was just my imagination?
            Here he was. Walking towards me so fast. Why was his face looked like that? Was he mad at me? Why? I  thought I did everything right. Just as he wanted. He wanted me to stop talking with other guys. It was fine. I had already done it. He was envious of me.
            But, it was okay. I loved him so much. And I knew. He loved me so much. That was why he did that. And, I liked it. The way he took care of me. He was jealous because he loved me.
            I froze. I looked at him furiously. Without word. Without explanation. He just slapped me so hard!
            “You betrayed me! You cheated on me! And, you want me to love you? Just forget it!”
            “What is your problem?! I did not even talk with a single guy. How can I cheat on you?”
            He threw his smart phone to me. Auch! The smart phone hit my head so hard. But I was more curious to see what was there. Inside his smart phone. Rather than to complain about how hurt my head was. Did he even care?
            I froze. The status made me go insane. I looked in front of me. He was gone. Just like that. Without waiting for my explanation.
            I re-read the status. How dare her!
            ‘Do you know something about Elizabeth? She is a player. She took my boyfriend, even though she already had one!’
            Since when I knew, who your boyfriend was?! I smashed the smart phone! I did not care even it was his smart phone! I did not care! When I looked in front of me, all of the students looked at me with an annoyed look.
            How dare them? Judging me just like that! All of you! You were annoyed with me right? But, do you know something? A pet peeve of mine was you! All of you!
            From that moment, I felt the world had ended. I tried to explain. But, no one was listening to me! I tried to call him. But, he would never pick up. I needed someone! At least someone to believe in me! But, I found nothing!
            My parents blamed me! They said I deserved all of this! Why? I did not go around hitting on every guys. I had him and only him in my heart. Why all of you were so judgmental? Can all of you stop and listen to me?
            I crashed all the technologies that I had. You! You were the reason! Because of you, my life in a deep mess! Because of you! Smartphone! Social media! You took my social life away! You took my happiness away! Because of you! You!
            I smiled. Crazily. I shed my tears away. What was the use of crying? I would not get everything back. So, what was the reason of crying? It was not like the time can be reversed.
            Just remember my words. I was not committing suicide. But, you killed me. You killed me. Did you hear me?
            Without hesitation, I kicked the stool away.

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