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Tuesday, 5 December 2017


            I entered the hall nervously, expecting to be greeted with angry face. However, I was shocked to see them. What was happening inside here? I was expecting happy faces. Not because of me. Of course it was not me. Who was I to them? Just an abandoned child! A rude daughter! A child that no longer existed in that family.
            I came here. Right now. At the moment. I stood at the door. My eyes looked at her. It was because of me. I was standing here because of her. Because she needed me. She wanted me to be here. In her white-veil occasion.
            Somehow, a pair of eyes looking at me. Staring at me deeply. Why? I was not the kind of girl, who was rudely barging in on a white-veil occasion. I had an invitation. She gave me that card!
            I froze. He also did the same. We only looked at each other. Out of nowhere. Hysterics sound surrounded the atmosphere.  They were crying. Everyone and everywhere. Why? Were not they supposed to be happy? Right now? At the moment.
            Someone grabbed my attention. Dad! Why?! Why?! Did you fall sick?! Why did you lie on the ground? Why?! I wanted to go to him! But, my feet is locked. His voice was playing inside my head. Just like a recorder. As if, it was happening yesterday. But, the truth is, it happened a year ago. More or less.
            I stood there. Looking at them. I could not think. Who was she? Why was she there? Sitting beside you intimately. Without further thought, I went to them. Without I realised, I slapped his face. Strongly and fiercely.
            “How dare you?! You were engaged to me! Why are you here?! Sitting beside her intimately. Let her touch you. Let her please you! I am your fiancée for God’s sake!”
            I burst out. I did not care! If they were looking at me curiously! He was mine! No one could take him from me!
            “For your information, little girl. He is my boyfriend. Long ago! Before you were engaged to him. You are the one who stole my boyfriend!”
            I looked at her. Fiercely. She was only smiling at me. Talking calmly. I looked at Aaron. Deeply. To find the truth behind that cold face. Beneath his eyes. He only nodded.
            “Then, why are you agreeing with them?!” I shouted to him.
            “At that moment, I have a problem with her..”
            “And, I am just your rebound girl?! How dare you..!”
            I got the picture now. It was because of them. Them and their company! Never thought about others. I left them. It was my fault after all. I was the nuisance. To their relationship.
            I came home. I told them. My parents. I did not want to get married. To Aaron or anybody! I did not want to get married! Only for the company’s sake. I was not that kind of girl.
            We fought. We argued. He blamed me! He said it was my fault! I was the one that should be blamed. He never thought of anyone else. He only thought of himself. He just wanted me to become their daughter-in-law. To improve the size of company. To enlarge it!
            “Just stop all this, would you? Stop all these things! I’m not a puppet! And I will not follow your orders ever again! You love your company? You love to live in luxury? Go ahead! Let your company take care of you when you are sick!”
            I was bursting! He slapped me! I was stunned! He slapped me? My dad slapped me? My own dad? I was staring at him. Fiercely!
            “Get out from this house! This house did not need you!”
            That was it. It was his cue! And, I would take it. It was okay. I would show to him. That I could stand by myself!
            From that day. It had been a year now. I was looking at him. He was sick. And, what could I do right now? I was paralysed. Did not know what to do! I was only looking. Staff picked him up. Brought him to the hospital.
            Could I go to him? He would not be angry towards me? Out of the blue, my hand was grabbed by the other hand, Bryan. My older brother.
            “Let’s go to the hospital,”
            I pulled my hand from his grip. He looked at me. His eyes full of curiousity. I shook my head. He did not want me! Seeing me would worsen him.
            “He knew,” I kept silent. My eyes full of shock.
            “He knew that you were a rebound girl. He knew that Aaron had some other girl. And, he regrets it. He regrets not stopping you. He was worried about you. Go to him. He needs you,”
            I stared at him. I could not believe him. Was it true? He knew about it already. That it was not my fault? He would not repeat it again, right?
            “Dear, he regrets it. Don’t worry. He would not control your life again,”
            I was surprised. And, without hesitation, I followed his footsteps.

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