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Thursday, 30 November 2017


Write about a girl who had lost her parents but managed to achieve success in life. Begin your story with :

"Amelia's plans shattered into a million pieces when.."

 Amelia's plans shattered into a million pieces when she heard about that news. Her hand was shaken. She lost in her own world. Voices around her faded. She did not know. What did she need to do? Right now? At the moment.
Sitting around the corner, she cried her heart out. Why must it be like this?! She nearly reached the end! Just a few months! Only a few months! She nearly reached the finishing line! Why?! Why?!
She wanted to be with them. She wanted to see them smile. She wanted to heard them laugh. Why must they leave her all alone? She had no one. She had no one to hold her hand. No one to take care of her. No one to kiss her cheeks. No one to whisper to her that it was okay. It will be alright. You have me by your side.
No one! Not even a single person to share her story. She did not have any siblings. She only had a maid, a housekeeper. Her father's worker.
“Why?! Why?! Why must you leave me alone?! I do not need your damn wealth! I only need you! I want you!!! I need you! I need you..”
She cried in despair. Dad, I need you. What could I do without you? Mom, what would happen to our plans? What would happen to those tickets? How could I go to Maldives without you? Your presence was the only thing that would make the journey became memorable. Became exciting. Became amazing.
Only a few months, mom. Only a few months. I was nearly done. School was almost over. Dad, your workers were here. Your secretary. Your personal assistant. Your general manager. Asking me a lot of things. What did I need to do in this state? When I was alone, without you by my side.
She closed her eyes. Too many things that she needed to think. Too many problems that she needed to overcome. But, in her head. She had only one thing. Only one thing that she needed to achieve now. During these last months, only SPM would be in her head. Nothing else.
She looked at the picture. Photo of them. Three of them. Smiling brightly. Without worries. She inhaled a deep breath. She could not destroy their big hopes. She needed to look forward. Even they were not here, she knew she needed to make them proud.
Dad, the maid would become my mom. The housekeeper would become my dad. Can I do that? I was not replacing you. Both of you could not be replaced. But, can I receive some love from them? I had no one to depend on. Can I hold on to their hands?
To become my guidance. To become my light. To become my everything. Can I do that, dad?
Another tear fall to her cheeks. All she heard was silence. She could not find the key without them. Because when they were gone, she became incomplete. Clueless. She remembered the old times. When they held her tight and never let go. Now, all of those become memories.
She opened her eyed. I could do this. Starting from that moment, she locked herself in her room. Books surrounded her. She needed to distract herself. Crying could not bring her any benefits. SPM was future ahead. She needed to focus herself.
Clock was ticking. Time passed us. Months were gone. SPM had become a history. She was still there. Looking at their picture. It was true after all. Picture was the only thing that does not change. It was still there. Smiling brightly. As if, it did not know, that she were still shedding her tears. Crying and crying. Again and again.
Dad, mom, I have grown up. Could you see me? I had finish my school. I was going to take my examination slip right now. Just a few hours from now. Mom, I had cancelled our tickets. Maldives was nothing without you. Dad, I learnt to manage company. The one that I inherit from you.
I would take care of that company. Besides, I’m your heiress. Mom, dad. Do you see me? I’m wearing baju kurung. Mom, talk to me. You were always praising me. Do I look beautiful? You always said that I am beautiful. As beautiful as a queen.
Dad, you always said to me, that you would take care of people that made me cry. But, I’m crying right now. But, you were not here. You did not hug me! You lied! You lied to me! Dad, I need you!
“Amelia, let’s go!”
She shed her tears. She needed to paste a genuine smile. Even, smiling was no longer in her dictionary. Happiness is faded. Along with them.
She walked to her maid. Right now had become her foster mother. She walked into her arms.
She just nodded. No! She did not afraid! Why must she needed to be afraid? If all those things have became meaningless.
Right now. At the moment. Everything was exposed. Her examination slip was in her hand. 9 As. Everyone was very happy. They cheered her delightfully. But, she did not feel anything. She just stared at the result blankly.
Mom, dad. I have got the result. It was 9 As in SPM. But, I did not feel happy. Because, I did not see you. Your smile. Your face. You did not whisper to me. You did not congratulate me. You were not here. You were not here.

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