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Monday, 28 August 2017


Write a story about a moment when somebody made a differences in your life.



The plates were crashed. I looked into that eyes! Her eyes full of fear. But, did I care? This girl made me so angry! I walked past the girl. With all the beautiful ladies behind me. Leaving her all alone.

Yes. I knew that I was bad. Crashing her plates just like that. Just say it. Spit out your opinion. Not all those things matter to me.

"Hey, you!" I froze. Was somebody calling for me? I turned aside and saw a beautiful human being. Was he an angel?

With his beautiful hazel eyes. His charming look. I thought that my jaw will drop on the floor. Because, he was so handsome! Calm down, Melissa! You need to look pretty and arrogant.

"I think you need to say sorry to her,"

Whatever. I did not care. If you were talking about that girl, then just forget it. I wanted to walk away, but he grabbed my hand tightly. When he touched my hand, it seemed like electrical sparks was everywhere. And, I knew. He felt the same. Looking at his eyes. I knew that this was the love at the first sight that people mentioned about.

From that moment, me and him. We were so much in love. It sound weird. Because he was a very good guy. Too nice. It was very awkward to see me standing beside him. Because I was a bad girl. With a bad looking image. Shorts and tights. Baby T-shirt and only a singlet. We were mountain different.

"Leave him! He is not suitable for you. Look at him. I know he is handsome. But, you and him will never be together. He is just admiring your looks. Your body shape. Just leave him,"

Was it true? That I was not the one for him? Was it true? That he only admire the shape of me? Was it true? When I saw him talking to other girls. Laughing and giggling. So intimate. I knew that this was the truth.

I had made my decision. I left him. Without words. Without explanation. But, did you know something? He never gave me a call! Not even a message! How dare he! As if I was nothing in his life! Was I a kitten or something? That he never cared about!

When we met on the street, we just walked passed each other. Without even a glance. I missed him very much. I did all the bad things that he hate. I skipped school. I made trouble. I messed up with people. I fought with people in cafe. But, he never came!

He never stopped me! He just walked away! As if, I was nothing for him. As if our relationship was nothing. As if our love was nothing. He claimed to love me till the end. He promised to take care of me. He promised to never give up on me! He promised me a lots of things! But, where were those promises?!

One day, he was gone. I tried to find him everywhere. But he was not there. I went to his house. But, there was no one. My friends tried to comfort me. But, I just acknowledged them. Now, I knew that he was my everything.

I will be a good girl. I do all the things that he loved. But, he never came. Does he know that he change me? Does he know that I still love him? Does he know that he is my everything? Does he know that I miss him so bad? Does he know that I have change?

Does he know? No, he never knows.

p/s: I tried to minimize the grammatical errors. Kalau ada salah, boleh betulkan. And, I'm sorry. Sebab dah x ada cerita baru, kan? I'm sorry. In Shaa Allah, hujung tahun ni, I will start to write back. Just wait for me.

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